*News Flash*

Poscam Systems is now the UK importer of THEMAE Skincare and Wellness products.

May 2019 – We welcome our latest Building Merchants customer from York, and wish them all the very best with their business.

October 2018 – We are now the UK importer of THÉMAÉ Paris skincare products, for Spas, Beauty Salons and Hotel amenities.

October 2018 – A warm welcome to the new Field Sales representative at our UK distributor. Wishing her every success in her future with Alhany Ltd.

April 2018 – Welcome to the new salesman in Alhany Ltd.  Wishing him success in his future within the company.

Feb 2018 – Alhany Ltd (our main distributor) has opened an office in Harrogate

News for 2017 – We would like to welcome our newest clients based in Dubai and Egypt, sought through our UK distributor.

News for 2016 – Welcome to our new clients based in Manchester, Neston and Nottingham.